Nicholas Piotrowski is a film director, born and raised in a suburb of New York City, who has been motivated to entertain people all his life. From putting on shows for his family in the basement of his home, to acting in local childrens theater, to performing as a disc jockey for college events, he knew from the start that entertaining an audience was something he felt fulfilled by. In grammar school, Piotrowski excelled in his art classes, establishing a keen eye for the elements of design and visual structure. In high school, Piotrowski developed an interest in photography and the process of post- production. Soon after, he began editing digital film projects and fell in love with the medium of moving images.

While at Nassau Community College, he directed and edited his first film Jonesing (2005) about a young man fighting off his addiction to cigarettes, and won best film at the colleges Communications Department Colloquium. Piotrowski also studied film at Five Towns College, where his short "Lazy Days" (2006) and "Mans Best Friend" (2006) were both nominated for best film at the colleges annual Film Festival.

In his senior year, Piotrowski wrote, produced, and directed his thesis film called The Ghost-Eye Tree, which took the better part of two years to move from concept to production. Adapted from a childrens book written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault, The Ghost-Eye Tree was a book that was read to Piotrowski as a boy, and the images and powerful story were the foundation for what would become his short film.

Nicholas Piotrowski graduated with Honors from Five Towns College in May 2008 and won Best Fourth Year Picture for The Ghost-Eye Tree at the colleges annual film festival. Piotrowski received a finishing fund grant from the Long Island Film Foundation for outstanding student filmmaking in July 2008, and has since been screening his short film, The Ghost-Eye Tree, for audiences around the country. Piotrowski is a dedicated film director who puts his heart and soul in to everything he does. Never taking anything for granted, and constantly growing, he plans on continuing to entertain audiences by lighting up the screen with his stories.

Contact The Director:

Nicholas Piotrowski
Writer/Director/Producer, The Ghost-Eye Tree
Franklin Square, Long Island, NY